Why a Simple Website Interface Is Better For Your Startup?

What do you think attracts customers to your website? Is it just your brand, products and services? Well, it’s not just what you can offer but also how you present it to your customers. Research indicates that users typically judge a website by its appearance and that too within a fraction of a second. This means that when customers visit your site they look for a less complex and visually comprehensible interface.

Infuse Cognitive Fluency

Get everything you want to showcase on your site with website design Dubai! A website that simply displays its visual information attracts the audience. A simplified site interface can improve your conversion rate as customers find it easier to establish a connection with what you have to say.

Where science and art go hand-in-hand

Designing is just not art, especially when you visualize it from your customer’s perspective. Websites that are visually less complex don’t need the brain to work hard to decode the layout and content. Also, simple designs make it easier for the brain to process the information faster and store it promptly.

If you thought that too many colours would make your website stand out; probably it’s time to rethink. More colours mean greater visual complexity which would demand greater involvement of the brain. You wouldn’t want customers to abandon your site just because they can’t comprehend it right?

Pay detailed attention to every element

From the layout of your website to the logo and colour code, every element sends a message to your customers. Adding unnecessary image just as fillers can do more harm than improve the aesthetics of your site. When you optimize a site for visual processing, you will be able to communicate more in lesser time. Web development company Dubai brings easy-to-comprehend designs ideas for your startup.

Your customers wouldn’t like to waste time figuring out where to click for relevant information. A user –friendly site that does not break the flow or disengage customers is more welcome.

Ways to create a simpler website for your startup

  • – To get started, you need to first research your audience. A quick understanding of the sites they are likely to visit can give you a better idea of what they are scouting for. You can look for case studies on design changes on such sites to find out how it impacted the key areas.
  • – Secondly, with the help of your web designing associate, you can create your site. Don’t forget to use the working components that you found useful while researching the audience.
  • – Retain cognitive fluency while working out the design for your website. Always place things where your target audience expects to find them.
  • – Develop your unique colours scheme, logo and fonts to communicate all that you want to share about your startup.
  • – Don’t overdo the site even when you have a doubt. Adding one big image could be better than overloading the space with a bunch of smaller ones. Leave white spaces if there isn’t anything relevant instead of crowding it with unnecessary content.
  • – Depending on your business segment, fit the expectations of pricing, speed as well as the overall aesthetics of your site.
  • – Lesser the clutter, lower will be its maintenance requirement.
  • – Your site is unique which means that you should stick to its originality!

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