PPC or pay per click is basically a method which targets a particular group and places your products for them to see. If it is done in the right way, it can bring in a boost in sales, generate leads, as well as bring an increase in brand awareness. A reputable PPC agency Dubai can help you with the right strategy and plan. Meanwhile, let us look at 5 ways in which PPC can boost your sales

1. Generation of leads

When you think of a PPC campaign, lead generation may not be something that you think of first. But it is a great way to warm up your audience and getting them to know about your product. If you are in a competitive market, this can be valuable. Businesses that have trial periods, or a long sales methodology, or give out price quotations even before initial purchases – lead generation can be most effective for them. If you own a small business, lead generation can be more specific and targeted, with the help of specific keywords to target a particular niche or competitor. Your content and keywords need to use specific wording that is according to your product being sold.

2. Brand Awareness

Your brand awareness can be further built with the Google Display network (wherein you create Google ads), and of course, for small businesses, brand awareness is extremely important anyway. If your business name is put out in front of the correct audience, if you let them know who you are and what is on offer – today, this can turn out to be most effective.

You can implement remarketing, which basically retargets audiences who may have visited your website initially. This increases the odds of them returning and purchasing. Thus, it increases your conversion rates, customer loyalty, and brand awareness.

Brand awareness can also be increased with the help of various media types; for example, image ads have more of an effect on the viewer than a textual ad. An online shopper always prefers product images which inspires him/her to buy. A dependable PPC agency Dubai can help you create the right kind of brand awareness.

PPC can also be used for targeting your competitors. This places your name along with your competitors and affects the click-throughs. It would really help if you can additionally offer something on the same product and thus undercut your competitor.

3. Sales generation

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Google – you can use various platforms for generating sales. Your business would determine what platform would be most suitable for a PPC campaign. It would depend on the product you are selling and your target audience. Every platform has its advertising area, where your audience can be enlarged. Depending on your audience’s interest and behaviour, you can tweak or adjust your ads, and these targets will eventually become sales. 

If you place your ads in more places, it has more chances of conversion. So, you need not stick to one platform but can broaden your choices.

4. Track and adapt

Google AdWords is a great way in which you can track information. This will help you make informed decisions for your ads. You can adjust the PPC campaigns with the help of various metrics. These PPC metrics help in enhancing quality scores and in saving money. CTR (Click-through-rate), CPC (Cost-per-conversion), and conversion rate – these metrics help you to find out how your PPC campaigns are doing. If the conversion rates or click-through are not doing well, that means you ought to change. If the CPC is high, that also means something needs a change. A low CTR can be improved with ad texts and ad extensions. CPC can also be included with the help of landing page refinement so that users are convinced to convert.

5. Aim for long term

With the help of PPC you can get your entry into the industry. But this cannot be a short-term goal. You need to use PPC over a longer term. And that essentially means that you dedicate and improve your business over a long period. Do not just aim for a short term. If you use PPC for several years, you will see a good increase in ROI. This is mainly because your loyalty towards users and the info that you provide them will give you a better score and quality. That eventually means more money too. These savings can be reinvested towards more ads which will enhance your quality score. PPC is all about winning. The more you perform, the more you save, more you earn.

Thus, as can be seen PPC is a great way to boost your business. Do get in touch with an experienced Digital Marketing Company in Dubai. Such agencies with a qualified team will be able to take you through a customized plan as per your business.