How To Scale Up Your Startup Globally With The Best Digital Marketing Strategies?

Do you think to have a unique idea, a great creative team and enough funds are enough to give your startup a boost?

Well, that might sound just perfect but before you looking for results you must know that startup marketing needs a distinct strategy. That’s because every digital marketing strategy is different lading to different results. Also, not every strategy will earn you the same profit.

Did you know that most startups don’t survive more than 5 years? Even the startups with unique ideas and enough funds in their kitty have failed. In most cases, lack of innovation and experience has been the major reason behind their inability to survive. For stability and portability, you need customers and sales so that profits are generated. All this is possible when you have a supportive startup marketing plan. Our digital marketing company in Dubai provides your startup with the perfect marketing elements it needs.

Key elements required for an unbeatable digital marketing strategy

Remember that the same old strategies won’t work for your brand new venture. This is the era of smartphones and accessibility of internet on mobile devices has changed the way digital marketing looks. So what do you need to grow your customer base and optimize startup output? As a strategy of course! And this would depend on your domain, target audience and a host of other factors about your business.

Here are a few areas that need to be focussed on when developing a strategy for promoting your new business online

Grow the connect via Social Media Marketing Agency Dubai

Social media marketing can get you the appropriate exposure and the target customers that your startup needs to take off. This is one of the most low-cost online marketing technique on can use to promote a business and interact with the customers.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat are all viable platforms that can give your startup the visibility. Some of the best practices that you can follow include completing your social profile on the dedicated page with the necessary information, company logos and images. Secondly, you will have to publish useful content and engage your audience. For this you can use various techniques such as Q & A, polls, etc. reach out to a larger audience by joining domain-related groups. Being responsive is extremely important and reinforces your accountability. So always choose to b responsive and reply to every comment and message from the customers. A strong social media strategy can help optimize your campaigns and increase your reach.

Using email marketing

Email marketing can deliver a high return on your investments and can be used just before you launch your product or company. You can use this medium to offer free trials, pdfs, guides etc. The best way to make mail marketing effective is to use catchy and engaging content that increases the rate of opening them. Make sure not to send many emails; restrict it to 2-3 emails per week.

Use SEM Campaigns and SEO

A good quality landing page with a call to actions and appropriate keywords can work well for your campaigns. You can always have a budget and set a bid limit to avoid overpricing. Google Pixel is an effective tool for re-targeting.

Search engine optimization is not only a cost-effective channel that can deliver a higher return on your investments but can also increase your reach. Your startup will need the right set of skills and experience to obtain the best results.

The current digital marketing trends to give your startup a go!

Influencer Marketing

This technique is again a low-cost marketing one that easy to use for your startup and can get your business a grand exposure. Micro-influencers can be hired to promote the brand.
The other strategy that works well is content marketing. Nearly 90% of businesses use it today as it is also helpful for SMO and SEO purposes. Not only does it increase authority for your brand, but it also builds the trust customers look for.

YouTube Marketing is another popular search engine and can bring amazing results for your startup marketing. And if you want that overnight success, Viral Marketing can create an instant online buzz for your startup. This would require the creation of content such as articles, presentations and videos showcasing your business from a special angle.

There’s nothing as convenient as Referral Marketing if you want a huge customer base where your customers become your sellers. This has an automation effect on your business as studies show that people trust personal recommendations shared by fellow customers.

If you go by the latest digital marketing trends, you can’t ignore the swooping progress visible on Google’s SEO updates. Only the best SEO company in Dubai can create such engaging and appealing interactions to enhance the visibility of your enterprise.

You must have noticed how over the past few years there has been a surge in visual online interactions. With speedier internet connections and visually appealing social media platforms, online communication looks much more interactive like never before.

What seems to be the latest trend for SEO is machine learning. That day isn’t far when most operations will be Artificial Intelligence-based and implemented in the search engines. The fact that more than 60% of users today use their mobile devices to search the internet; it is the mobile-first search index that will eventually enable businesses to get the desired ranking.