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At Qualnex brand collateral design Dubai, we provide services to create as well as revamp your brand collaterals. Since the collaterals work as the first impression of your products and services, paying close attention to it is important for brand promotion. 


We provide exclusive brand packaging design services that can specifically convey your company’s products and services. Therefore whether you are starting a company or launching a new segment as a part of your businesses’ expansion plan, brand collaterals are central. For this reason a variety of common brand collateral materials are used in the digital platform. This includes the website, online corporate brochure and campaign sites. Also Instagram, Facebook, Twitter wallpapers, mobile apps and other digital assets. Furthermore we can also help you to amp your retail marketing with creative ideas in designing banners, letterheads, envelopes, etc. 

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Give your brand an exclusive logo design with

Corporate brochure

Annual reports

Exhibition graphics

Package designs

Relevant social media kit

Posters, banners and signages

Vehicle graphics

Print ads and many more

Power up your workflow with integrations

Dedicated and custom-made digital marketing solutions created by us to boost your ranking in search engines.

Why Choose Us?

Our product package design in Dubai blends special strategies to direct maximum customers to your products and services. Firstly we believe that all the elements your business uses should be integrated and used consistently across all platforms. For instance, your brand’s logo, the graphics, images, colours and every other element projected in your collaterals should have uniformity and balance. 


Secondly, we focus on the quality of your brand packaging design as it should reflect on your website and promotional material. Additionally at Qualnex brand collateral design Dubai services we consider revising your current brand collaterals and ensure they are up-to-date. That is if you already have an established business.


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Bring uniformity in design


Build a brand persona

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